Miklos Takacs


My task: “I had a dream”: to draw a team together. A team that fulfills all needs and expectations of either start-ups with high hopes or companies with great traditions. I would like to make this dream come true- on a professional level.

In my free time:
Recently I hardly have got such a thing as „free time”. Yet, if I can, I like being with my children, seeing concerts, dj-ing and riding my bike.


Péter Divéki

Designer, copy writer, cinematographer

My task: At the cradle of a new brand I am an active participant from designing the package through giving birth to brand name and slogan on planning it's preliminary campaign. I make or support appearance on internet, printed materials, TV-spots or viral videos. I took part in the birth of numerous market–leaders such as STADALAX or AMBROXOL-Q.

In my free time:
I am the father of four and a true admirer of classical music, so most of my free time I devote to them.


Sada Dezsi

Graphic artist, media designer

My task: My task and my motivation are the same one thing: making the world more colorful.

In my free time:
I take energetic steps on the rugged path of being a pop star.


Gergely Kotsy

Graphic artist

My task: At work I seek the fastest and most precise implementation with the simplest possible solutions. In the constantly changing and improving field of my profession I am prodded to integrate newest trends and be inspired by them.

In my free time:
I try to chill out which is not easy, since – like in the 'Matrix' – there are 'splinters in my mind'. 🙂
I like doing sports, especially riding my mountain bike on the slopes of my hometown's hills.
Once I break free I cannot be stopped.


Katta Kovach

Marketing + administrator

My task: Relationship builder and manager. I repair what goes phut, I put up what has to be put up and I solve what has to be solved

In my free time:
I express and more-or less proudly present my emotional experiences via graphics, prose, poems and tales. My latest favorite work is a crochet octopus inspired my tale: The Octopus that lacks some arms.


Gabor Hera

Market researcher

My task: Buttressing up with measure and research that who should sell what, why and how.

In my free time:
Excursions with my family, collecting mushroom.


Gabor Horvath


My task: I like matching exciting work with a proper subsistence. My creative and applied works moved on a wide scale of topics, from which I appreciate people and things created by people the most.

In my free time:
I drive down to river Drava and enjoy the sight. I also like cooking and spending time in circle of friends.



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About Us

  • Who we are

    Are we the new kids on the block? Yes partly, partly no. All members of the squad has been operating on their own fields as experts. We all permanently train and educate ourselves and had proven in practice as well. Most of us are friends for ages, and some got on board via business or social networking. There is one in common in us: loving what we do and doing it wholeheartedly.

  • What we do

    Everything that is needed for your perfect business communication. Online or even offline.

    We create smart logos, clear-out graphic identities, quality photos, awesome and responsive websites, viral videos, professional webshops, trustable online systems, effective campaigns and divine meatloaves… You might not demand the last one but we are as proud of it as of our previous works.

  • How expert we are in our fields?

    Shall we eat humble pie? We rather don’t. We can dare to claim all members of the squad experienced professionals on their fields with years of relevant experience. We use our solid and reliable skills to complete the orders we assume. This does not mean that we always give a certain answer or solution at once. If an expectation exceeds our capabilities we will confess it honestly. But we confess thet we met very few demands we had to refuse for lack of competence. Zero in number.

  • What we like

    Among many other things, simplicity. Might seem strange but that’s why we like sophisticated processes. We like making a simple system out of them, transparent, easy to use and operating properly.

  • Mission

    We believe that our customers will look at the work we do for them as a good investment, and will  – just as we will – be also proud of it, use it with pleasure and look at it as a common result. Whether it is a landing page, a webshop handling thousands of products or introduction of a product to online market.
    “If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else.”

    Booker T. Washington

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